Step one complete

So the other day after about a days work of fixing whatever bugs I could find and updating the installation packages and language files to the best of my ability I released version 0.4.0. Within hours there had been several hundred downloads, and all was good.

Today I noticed people complaining about the new release being buggy and not working, really? Why? I had tested it for hours and hours and couldn’t find any bugs at all!

Turns out, the only people complaining were users of Windows 98. Since I didn’t have Windows 98 I just couldn’t test it properly and I could not replicate the problems. Then a light dawned on me, why not use Virtual PC? I found a dusty old Windows 98 CD I had stowed away amongst a pile of old CDs just waiting to be thrown away, and got to work installing this decade old bug ridden operating system. Finally, a way of testing the Windows 9x-version of Screamer Radio!

After a bit of testing I could see that there were actually two bugs in this release, and they would only show up if you are actually running it on Windows 9x, in Windows XP or Windows Vista the program runs just fine. Took me a few hours but I managed to track down why it wasn’t working properly and managed to fix it, so today I released version 0.4.1.

Hopefully all users will now enjoy a relatively bug free and stable experience which will allow me to concentrate on developing new features.


  1. Michael Hastrup Bendsen

    will there be a linux version of screamer ??

    Kind regards Michael

  2. No. But you can run Screamer Radion (at least the Win 9x version) in WINE, I’ve heard it’s supposed to work.

  3. HELP … URGENT … HELP !!!

    Today all my presets are gone! The menu is completely empty :-( . It seems that the presets.xml.gz available via web-update has 0 bytes.
    What did break that? Can you plz fix this rapidly?

    Thanks in advance,

  4. I’m not sure what happened, the data cache on the web server was empty. I had to restart the web server software, but it is working again now. This has never happened before, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.

  5. Dear author.
    I don`t understand why so hard to write normal working program?
    In new version exist _all_ old GUI bugs ( ,,
    I install screamer 0.4.1 on fresh Windows XP installation. And after launch i have all GUI bugs – empty menu, radio not savings, gui-bugs in other applications, launched in parallels with Screamer Radio etc.
    2 year and this simple bugs not solved – it is very non-professional!

    If screamer menu is “hideously large” as you write – please create other way to display list of radiostations. It is clearly!

    Screamer Radio – ideal program for radio recordings, but this GUI-bugs kill all pleasure. :(

    Sorry for my english.

  6. 1. consider open source the project. other devs can help you update. you can use which has cvs

    2. don’t know about the preset menu issue, but browsers (ie, opera, firefox) all manage _BIG_ bookmark lists. maybe you can browse firefox source for how they do it.

  7. screamer 0.41u on win 2k sp3 has menus disappearing, including the entire menu bar.

    downloaded (zip). extracted. launched. listened to several presets for less than 10 minutes. preset menu sporadically disappeared/re-appeared. closed.

    launched. presets not available. try multiple buttons/menus. menu bar disappears. hitting the rec button causes the menu bar to re-appear, until rec button is hit again. while menu bar is shown, only menu names work. cannot close app while menu bar is present.

  8. Hi! I am having some problem with the latest version of ScreamerRadio: When radio is being recorded every second file has “[1]” in the end of tits name :( here is the picture [IMG][/IMG]

  9. I downloaded the version 0.4.1 today on my Windows XP. After a few minutes using it, I noticed that Firefox was having problem displaying pages… It gave me a complete black screen. Even the reload did not work.

    Screaming radio lost the menus Recording and Help. I had to restart the program twice for the menu to appear normally.

    Also, when I got problem with Firefox, I tried to use Windows Task Manager and I got a very strange screen not displaying the list of applications, but a half drawn text field. I’ve never seen this before. After quitting Screaming radio, all worked properly.

    Finally, I got the Windows Task Manager opening with your program and noticed that it was using 20 MB of memory. Isn’t this a lot??

    I like your software a lot and have been using the previous version for over a year. It just seems that this upgrade has still a few more bugs…

  10. Here goes another issue…

    When station gets disconnected, the program cannot reconnect. It just stays with the message “Connecting…”. Then hitting the “Stop” button brings the “Aborting…” message, but nothing happens. At this point, we can’t switch to another station using Favorites. It keeps saying “Aborting…” Hitting “Stop” a few times has no effect.

    The only solution is to exit and restart.

    I did not have these issues with the previous version.

    Don’t give up! You’ll get it right!

  11. Hi.

    I like Screamer Radio a lot, but I have two requests, which probably can’t be done but:
    I’d like to be able to listen to Z100

    From here:

    I’d like to listen to US 99.5 and 94.1 KMPS

    I know it’s probably impossible to do but at least you can tell me that now :D

  12. Having problems with presets, windows XP sp3
    Presets empty in menu.
    Had to reinstall program, problem solved for a short time but apears again

  13. Why do you waste your time on win9x? Are there any users still on 9x and use screamer?

  14. ************************************************
    HELP … URGENT … HELP !!!

    Today all my presets are gone! The menu is completely empty . It seems that the presets.xml.gz available via web-update has 0 bytes.
    What did break that? Can you plz fix this rapidly?

    Thanks in advance,

    This did happen again today!
    Can you plz fix it?

  15. Hi, Screamer radio is great. I just wanted to add HINDI LANGUAGE. I can translate strings. pl send me files needed for translation. Thanks.

  16. Argh! Where are the channels for Hong Kong?!?!?

  17. Hi,
    I love screamer, but don’t you think it should include a better way to test radio stations that work? I’m just fed up with having to click through the Region tree structured menu just to click on a single radio and find out 5 sec. later that the link isn’t working.

    I think the list of available radio should appear in a seperate window and a script could test at once all links to spot out only those that are working.

    Thanks, a keep up the good work.

  18. Same problem again in screamer ver 0.4.1 . I like this application but the graphics are creating a real problem. The entire menu bar is getting disappeared and comes back again.

    I am ready to help you in some coding side if you can share the source code of the application or if any help is needed from my side please do contact me.

    But please fix this graphics problem. Its really taking out the best thing of the application.

    And a humble suggestion, please fix this problem rather than creating version and fixing bugs for win 9x.

    By the way, thanks a lot for sharing with us this wonderful application.


  19. Can you upload source code? Maybe somebody port screamer to linux.

  20. Podria agregarle un equalizador plz y solucionar el problema de los presets que quedan guardados


    congratilations for you! great software!

    I love screamer!

  21. No News since August 2008?

  22. Hi everybody, we are looking for a reliable web radio software to be installed on Usb keys.
    That software should allow people to see a world map and to choose the area to listen the radios from; also music might be recorded and stored on a pc.
    Program should be customized to IT language + some adv banners for customers.
    Further radios might be added from time to time.

    We will pay for it
    Can somebody help?
    thank you

    Skyet Italia
    Skype: skynetitalia

  23. The2, yes, people still use 98. I have an old lappy that I use as an extension of my mothership when I’m downstairs. Too old to reasonably run XP, a firecracker on 98.

    Now, the primary reason I set this up was to run Screamer w/o running up and downstairs to change a station. After installation, I find the 98 issue of looking for a dll that doesn’t exist. So, the primary reason I did it is all for nothing until either a new, truly debugged version is released, or the old stable one is made available again.

    I’ll bet that outside of the first world a lot of people still run 98.

  24. Howdy Dave,
    The Screamer-radio works abso-fucking-lutely fantastic on my Win Vista Business system, but since the 0.4.3. version I seem to have really annoying problem making the further updates infeasable for me actually. Firstly I’m supposed to stress that I’m a blind person so I use a voice-controlled screen reader to be able to read the menu items, surf the net etc. and want to ask you, haven’t you for some reason changed the compiling tool for the default library, so now the menu library doesn’t send the needed information accessing the menu items? The result of the change is, that while on 0.4.2. it speak beautiful all the menu items, on 0.4.3. it doesn’t speak any menu items at all. Have you changed anything intentionally, or just it went unintentionally with something else?
    Or have you perhaps changed the library to GTK library for untraditional presenting of some graphic units or some untraditional color scheme or anything else?

    For your information, there’re a whole bunch of blind peeps here in the Czech republic using the Screamer-radio, which is absolutely amazing for its accessibility, but for this reason we all had to get stuck on 0.4.2, because the latest 0.4.3. doesn’t speak any menu items whatsoever regardless of installed or portable version.
    we for example use and develope freeware and open-source NVDA screen reader
    NVDA does not use any special Video
    Intercept drivers or display hooks
    To communicate with the Operating System and programs, NVDA uses a mix of Operating System
    functions, Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA), IAccessible2, Java Access Bridge and specific programming interfaces provided by certain applications. Just in conclusion.I’m awared of the fact you’re busy and this is being kinda specific problem for you to plug away at, but if you know what the point is, would you please either have a look at this or either contact me at the address if you’re willing to provide the source of this program for us so we could adjust the screen readers so you wouldn’t have to get bothered with finding the change in the Screamer-radio?
    thanx alot, man, and I keep my fingers crossed for you!!!

  25. Hello David,

    i suppose you’re very busy and don’t have much time to work on Screamer-Radio?

    One thing i remember is that you were (are?) working on a new GUI.

    Is this still true? Can you give us just a short notice about what’s going on? Please!

    I guess almost all users of Screamer-Radio like the program very much and so do i! Maybe you need some help, maybe there are some issues where we/some of us can help and support you?

    Just tell and i am sure you will get a response!

    kind regards!


    Keep up the good work! Good things come to those who wait. Good job!

    I found your software in Softpedia:

    Nice low impact software! I found I can run it on my locked down corporate laptop and run at least two instances at once!!

  27. Screamer Radio 0.38 was perfect. Since I installed v0.4.3 version, it’s catastrophe!!! The preset list with region, countries and list of radio stations -gon. WHY? WHY?WHY? In the new version to add a favorite radio station is impossible, add corrent station doesn’t work. It’s not clear what kind of information to put in. In brief, I can’t use it. It was one of my most favorable software.
    I’ll appreciate very much if you’ll guide me what to do. Why I can’t use any more 0.38 as it was before?
    Thank you,

  28. Hey man,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the time you put into Screamer, awesome program. Don’t let the fact it’s been a while deter you from the project.

    Loads of people will use this …. just like most things on the net, hardly ANY will show appreciation. Keep going man. ;)


  29. хех… кто бы мог подумать

  30. emm. really like it :)

  31. I love this! Finally a ‘radio’ for my desktop.

    I’ve only tried it for my preferred stations but I actually don’t want more. I’ll get around to exploring the rest of its features but I’m a very happy camper with what I’m using now.

    I do believe you’ll be one of the few developers I donate to. Yes.

    Thanks so much!!

  32. hey

    i’m sad to see that there haven’t been any developments since august 08.

    it would be nice of you to post if you completely stoped the development of screamer..

  33. This program is very nice. Thanks for great work man.

    Dude, you have stopped the work/development?

    Congrats from Brazil. :D

  34. Even worse. No new version in over a year now and no recent updates of presets list while more and more stations are dead.
    I guess this project can be considered dead.
    What a shame.

  35. Hy , the programm is great ,
    one thing though the presets keep disappearing and but i don’t know why, somethimes they appear all by them selves back again, it’s driving me nuts,
    why does this happen ?

  36. The ‘Favorties’ feature doesn’t work (for me) in Windows 7.
    Any known workaround?

  37. I would so very much love to place screamer on the laptops for some of the older kids that I send out laptops to in cancer wards around the USA. Would you Contact me and let me know your thoughts. The website tells it all.

    Martin Mahkovtz
    CEO. Laptops Of Love

  38. Do you as of yet foresee a linux version??? We would really love to hear from you on this matter.

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